Mobile Wallet

Digital financial services in your pocket

Mobile financial services are revolutionizing the banking, financial, and telecommunications industries

With the mobile wallet, customers can conduct financial transactions directly from their mobile phones

Financial service providers need to be more innovative than ever before in order to offer mobile wallet features that ensure high security as well as a positive customer experience.

Using the mobile wallet, customers can make payments to another person's account simply by using their mobile phones. Paying for goods and services online is also possible with the app.

Benefits of the Mobile Wallet App

Ciniter Finance Mobile Wallet offers the following benefits

Transaction history and organized statements

With this feature, you can make payments anytime and anywhere, have immediate access to your funds, and have greater control over your personal and business funds.

Instant Transactions

With internet banking, financial transactions such as fund transfer, bill payments, recharges, etc. can be carried out directly on the internet banking portal

Apply for Loans

Your customers can apply for loans directly on the internet banking platform with ease wherever they might be, eliminating the need for them to visit a brand in person to apply for a loan

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking

At the bank branch, you'll receive an acknowledgment receipt for any transaction you complete. The possibility of losing it exists. A bank's portal for internet banking, by contrast, will record every transaction you make.

Time Efficient
Time Efficient

Any financial transaction can be completed using internet banking within minutes. Online banking makes it easy to transfer money to any account or to open a loan account in no time


You can access the banking services round the clock throughout the year. Most of the services offered are not time-restricted; you can check your account balance at any time and transfer funds without having to wait for the bank to open

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